Our domains

We focus on creating impact within our three domains

Enable Trade

The conditions, tools and channels for trading globally are changing fundamentally. At the same time, barriers and inefficiencies in the international trade system are challenging the global import and export of goods. By leveraging Maersk’s operational expertise and global infrastructure, we can ease the way companies do business. SMEs doing business in and with emerging economies are particularly hurt by lack of regulation and market-specific knowledge, lack of trust in trading partners and lack of access to financing options. The demand for solutions and services that can remove the barriers to global trade is expected to increase as SMEs become increasingly connected to the international trade ecosystem. We want to unlock the potential of small businesses by allowing them access to knowledge, information and finance at the click of a button.

Fight Food Waste

By 2030 the world needs 50% more food, but one third of all food is lost or wasted annually, amounting to 1.3 billion tons of food or 1 trillion USD in costs. 80% of this loss occurs prior to the retail level. Tackling this challenge requires a value chain approach and as an important player in this chain, we focus a substantial part of our resources on identifying opportunities and building new businesses that help reduce waste and improve the availability, quality and safety of perishable goods. We also work to ensure that food is moved from countries with surplus production to countries with insufficient production. In order to leverage Maersk’s operational expertise and global presence, our main focus is “farm to export” / “farm to ship” solutions. However, other relevant cross-sector solutions, e.g. for packaging and extended shelf life, also have our interest.

NextGen Logistics

New technologies and business models will disrupt and transform the logistics industry and the future of trade. As a global industry leader, Maersk is set to drive this transformation. In sync with the overall digitization of Maersk Group, we are looking for new opportunities to meet the demands of Industry 4.0 and our customers’ needs. This includes breaking down the barriers to standardization of the industry and simplifying end-to-end logistics. Solutions in this domain are closely tied to our work in Enable Trade and Secure Supply Chains.

Building the Future of Trade

Maersk Growth builds, partners with and invests in ventures with the potential of creating exponential growth within transport and logistics and defining the future of trade.