Building the Future of Trade

Growth is Maersk’s launchpad for new ventures. We build, partner with and invest in the future stars of trade. We connect startups and ideas with operational expertise and world-class infrastructure.

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Building the Future of Trade

We build when we can use our global platform and unique position in the market to create businesses that will shape the future of our industry. Our customers’ needs are our source to transform entire value chains.

Partnering with a Purpose

Our venture partnerships can lead to venture building or investments, where we offer the value of our brand, global presence and expertise together with funds. Through venture partnerships, we innovate, pivot and scale within our domain focus area.

Investing in ideas

We invest in the technologies and startups that will shape the future of trade. As an investor, we provide more than funds. We use our global infrastructure and operational expertise to power exponential growth.

Fight Food Waste

By 2030 the world needs 50% more food, but one third of all food is wasted in the fields, through transportation or with the consumer.As a major actor in the global market for transporting food, Maersk is part of the solution.

Enable Trade

We want to help small businesses thrive and grow by easing access to information and financing. By starting small, we can address core challenges in global trade and scale solutions to be relevant across the market.

NextGen Logistics

Transformational change happens when industries disrupt themselves. We drive the future of logistics through new technology and business models to meet the demands of Industry 4.0 and our customers’ needs.